FHS Plenary Awards 2017

Congratulations to the many School of Rehabilitation Science students who were recipients of awards at the FHS Plenary Awards Reception on May 31, 2017.

  • Congratulations to SRS Faculty, Dr. Peter Rosenbaum and Dr. Patty Solomon who were the recipients of the FHS Award of Excellence for Graduate Supervision.

Click here to view 2017 FHS Research Plenary Awards Reception

Rehab Science Graduate Program

Graduate Student International Trainee Award for Excellence
Pranay Jindal

Graduate Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award
Anthony Gatti

Graduate Student Publication Award
Isabel Rodrigues

Outstanding Oral Presentation Award
Jenna Smith

HSGSF Excellence in Open Communication and Collaboration Award
Ahmed Negm

Graduate Program Awards
Pranay Jindal
Patrick McPhee
Michelle Phoenix
Ahmed Negm
Isabel Rodrigues

Outstanding Excellence Awards
Katrina Aguiar
Andrea Cross
Shaminder Dhillon
Pamela Lahey
Melissa Merrow
Christina Nowak
Michelle Phoenix
Michael Pryzbek
Julie Reid

PT Program

FHS Outstanding Achievement Award
Aaron Kipp, Brittany Vandyken, Caitlin Wharin, Tim Hurley, Chris Degeus, Nick Nucci, Hilary Deverell, Heather Dowling, Tiffany McKinley, Glen Hempstock and Kaitlyn McLeod

Three (3) Class of 2016 REBP groups participated in the 2017 FHS Research Plenary.

  • Alana Boyczuk, James Deloyer, Kyle Ferrigan and Kevin Muncaster. Professional values and behaviours: What do Canadian physiotherapists think? Supervisors: Drs. V. Dal Bello Haas and P. Miller
  • Amanda Pereira. Assessing a Tri-Stage Interprofessional Learning Experience on Aging. Supervisors: Drs. P. Miller and B. Jung
  • Gabriela Rozanski, Julie Gourlay and Kelsey Jack. Validating the Clinical Frailty Scale and Exploring Pre-Frailty in Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Pre-Clinical Disability. Supervisors: Dr. A. Tang and C. Nowak

OT Program

FHS Outstanding Achievement Awards
Samantha Anders, Rachel Conway, Matthew Harrigan, Sarah Hobbs, Andrea Tsang & Sarah Villiger,

Three student posters from the OT Class of 2016 were displayed at the FHS Research Plenary:

  • Mind.me: Piloting a Technology-Friendly Youth Mental Health Program (Krystin Donais & Sarah Hobbs)
  • Literature review and parent education module: 24 hour postural care (Shawn Lee & Stefanie Pueschel)
  • “Do-Live-Well” concept in an in-patient mood disorder clinic: Advancing an occupational perspective to health promotion (Amie Matthews, Brittany Nolan, & Emma Saaltink)

MHM Program

FHS Outstanding Achievement Awards
Kimberly deHaan, Kimberly Hendrick, Christine Hill, Catherine Nolin, David Ure, Stacey Williams,

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