FIT for FUNCTION: A Community Wellness Program for Persons with Stroke

CoAdults Exercising-Principle Investigators Julie Richardson and Ada Tang continue to work diligently with several staff and students from the School of Rehab Science to conduct their CIHR funded RCT, FIT for FUNCTION: A Community Wellness Program for Persons with Stroke.  This study is an innovative collaboration between the YMCAs of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford and Niagara, McMaster University and three local health systems; the Brantford Healthcare System, HHSC and The Niagara Health System.  It is comparing the effectiveness of the Fit for Function Program, consisting of group and individual exercise 3x/week and self-management education, to a standard YMCA membership.  While the research endeavors to determine the efficacy and economic impact of the program, it will also enable the Fit for Function Program to reach three new communities and lay a foundation for those communities to build the capacity to provide and sustain a Stroke Community Wellness program.

The trial is aiming for recruitment of 216 stroke survivors, or 72 participants at each of the three sites; Downtown Hamilton YMCA, Brantford YMCA and the Walker Family YMCA in St. Catharines.  The target for completion of recruitment is September 2016 and the study is in the midst of a ‘home-stretch’ campaign for new participants.  Eligibility criteria include: being ≥ 18 yrs, diagnosed with a Stroke, able to walk >10m independently with or without a gait aid, no significant cognitive impairment, able to tolerate 60 minutes of activity with rests and have a physician’s medical authorization.  For more information, please contact Catherine McBay at x26833 or

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