As an Occupational Therapy graduate, you undoubtedly remember how important the members of the Occupational Therapy Clinical Community were to your education. Our program could not function without the generous support of our clinical community, who are our tutors, preceptors, guest speakers, and resources for so many evaluations and activities in the program.

If you have been thinking about contributing to the Occupational Therapy community please consider investing in the McMaster OT program. There are many unique and valuable roles that support our program. Some roles require you to be local or available to travel to the university (e.g. speaking to the class as a guest speaker), but others can be completed from a distance, so even if you live outside of the Hamilton area or Ontario, we want to hear from you.

Please complete the form below and let us know which role(s) you might be interested in learning more about – selecting more than one role is most welcome. Some roles have stipends associated with them; regardless of a stipend, there are opportunities for clinicians supporting the program to be offered adjunct appointments with the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster.

We look forward to hearing from you and tapping into your expertise to support the continual excellence in our program.

OT Clinician Educator Interest Form

  • Tell us about your practice setting, population, any specific areas of expertise.
  • In which roles might you be interested in supporting the OT program? Note: Some roles receive a stipend and are marked with a "+".
  • If you selected PBT Tutor above, please indicate which term(s) you are interested in tutoring in.
  • If you selected guest speaker above, please indicate your area(s) of expertise.
  • Are you interested in being involved in research? If so, please describe your specific interest(s).


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