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Offering a Placement

Placement offers can be submitted using our electronic form or by directly emailing You will receive a confirmation email once we have processed your placement offer.

Placement offers for any Unit can be offered at any time of the year.

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Professional Development Allowance

Clinical Instructors are eligible to receive a PDA for supervising students on their clinical placements. In keeping with the McMaster philosophy of self-directed, life-long learning, allocation of this money should be used to support Clinical Instructors professional development. Clinical Instructors are allocated $50/week per student (e.g. if a CI supervises 1 student for a 6 week placement they are entitled to $300).

Beginning with the 2016-2017 Academic year (Spetember 2016- August 2017) the program has moved to an annual payment system. The amounts have remained unchanged, but will be accumulated for the academic year, and paid in one sum the following fall. A notice will be provided to persons or institutions receiving payment in advance of the sum being issued. 

To provide us with your payment information, please submit: Clinical Instructor Information Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if a student is injured while on placement?
First, refer your student for proper medical attention and complete your facility’s Incident Report as necessary. Then, contact Sarah Wojkowski (DCE)and she will send you the McMaster Incident Report which also needs to be completed. Fax / forward it within 24 hours to Sarah Wojkowski (DCE).

What do I do if a student requests 3 days off their placement (e.g. to attend a wedding)?
Students should submit planned absences prior to placement to Sarah Wojkowski (DCE) and she will negotiate with the preceptors (if approved). If a student requests time off to the preceptor, the preceptor should refer this to Sarah (so they are not put in the uncomfortable position of making this decision). Students are aware of this process for planned absences.

Will I still receive the PDA funds if I take a PT student from another university?
Yes. You will receive PDA funding for any PT student you supervise, whether they are from McMaster, another Canadian University, or from a PT school in another country, as long as the placement was organized by the Clinical Coordinator from the PT program at McMaster.

Will taking a student for placement affect the WSIB or insurance premiums of my facility?
No. The Ontario Ministry of Education pays for our students to be covered while they are out on clinical placement in case of injury. When you complete the Work Education Placement Agreement (WEPA) forms at the beginning of the placement you are indicating to us which type of premium the Ministry needs to pay. For example, if you have WSIB coverage at your facility you would check that off on the WEPA form & that is paid for by the Ministry, not your facility.

What should I do if I don’t think my student is demonstrating appropriate skills or knowledge during their placement?
When it is early on in the placement and you are noticing that your student is not performing at an appropriate level, it is easy to decide to wait and see if things improve on their own. However, 6 weeks goes very quickly and the longer that the problems are not addressed, the less time you and the student will have to work together on the issues. As soon as you notice problems, please document them and contact McMaster’s Clinical Coordinator to alert the School of your concerns and to discuss strategies to implement with your student.

I would be interested in being a preceptor but work part-time – what can I do to become involved with student placements?
Please contact the PT Program Clinical Coordinator anytime to express your interest – depending on your clinical setting and your hours there are many possibilities and the DCE would be happy to discuss these with you.

Is it important to evaluate my student using the Learning Contract that they formulate?
Yes. The Learning Contract is 1 of the 2 (the ACP being the other) mandatory evaluation tools used to evaluate the students while on placement. It is a contract developed by the student and discussed with the preceptor within the first 2 weeks of placement. It includes 5 objectives—2 related to assessment, 2 related to treatment and 1 ’other’ (e.g. in-service, documenting,etc.). It should be evaluated at midterm and final evaluation (although we do realize that many objectives may not have been met by midterm). The preceptor assigns a mark from 0-2 for each objective and in the event an objective could not be met due to e.g. inability to be exposed to the content, a N/A could be indicated. It should then be signed by the preceptor and returned to the school by the student.

I would like to take a student this Unit, however, I have vacation booked during this time. What are my options?
Some terms offer some flexibility regarding dates and students are often willing to flex their dates. We also welcome part-time or shared placement opportunities. Please contact the Clinical Education team to discuss your specific situation, we are always happy to accommodate.

Learning Objectives

The Clinical Education expectations table provides you with a general breakdown of what students in each Unit should be achieving while on placement.

ACP Clinical Expectations Table

ACP Quick Reference Guide (by Unit)


Below are the learning objectives for each Unit encompassing both the academic and clinical portion of the Unit.

Unit 1 Learning Objectives- 2017

Unit 2 Learning Objectives- 2017

Unit 3 Learning Objectives- 2017

Unit 4 Learning Objectives- 2016

Unit 5 Learning Objectives- 2017

Unit 6 Learning Objectives- 2017

Clinical Instructor Workshop Series

Clinical Instructor workshops are offered on a quarterly basis, on a wide variety of topics. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like to see as part of the next workshop series, please contact the Clinical Education Team.

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Past Events

Clinical Instructor Webinar- December 16, 2015

Smoking Cessation Workshop- May 3, 2016

Let's have a conversation- Is Clinical Education a Professional Responsibility?  - OPA, April 12, 2017

Failure to Fail- Challenges and Strategies - May 16, 2017

Supporting Students: A Win Win Opportunity - August 31, 2017

Clinical Instructor Training Modules

Clinical Education Process - video presentation

ACP Login Instructions for Students and Instructors - video presentation

McMaster Quality Improvement & Management - video presentation


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