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Placement Dates

Placement Dates 2019/2020

Below are the Physiotherapy clinical placement dates for the 2019-2020 academic year. Some dates listed exceed the amount of time students are required to be on placement. This allows flexibility to accommodate clinical instructor schedule/vacation if necessary. The learning objectives will provide you with an idea of what the students have learned in the academic part of the curriculum during the given placement unit.

PT Clinical Practice Dates

McMaster Catchment Area
McMaster Catchment Area placements are organized by the Director of Clinical Education (DCE) and the opportunities occur within a broad range and scope of settings. Every university has their own geographical catchment area from which they obtain placements.

McMaster Catchment Area Physiotherapy Program

McMaster’s catchment area allows student to gain valuable clinical experience in both urban and rural areas. Students are expected to travel outside of Hamilton, Ontario for mandatory teaching sessions and clinical placements. Students are responsible for their own transportation and associated costs in order to complete program requirements. Some placements may be located in rural, under-serviced and remote areas. In certain placement streams, there may be some external funding available.

Map of McMaster Catchement PT Program

The McMaster catchment area extends to:

  • West to Paris
  • East to Milton
  • North to Orangeville
  • South to Niagara Region Border

Students can expect to complete placements within all areas of the designated McMaster catchment. There may be opportunities to complete placements in other areas of Ontario and Canada. Students may also have the opportunity of completing an international placement in their final term of study.
Should you wish to make a recommendation of clinical facility within the McMaster catchment, please complete and submit the Clinical Facility Recommendation Form.

General Placement Process

General Placement Process

Becoming a New Placement Site

Becoming a New Placement Site

Clinical Education team is always looking for new placement facilities. If you are interested in offering a Physiotherapy Clinical Placement at your facility, a step-by-step process guide is provided below.

New Facility Process

Becoming a New Clinical Instructor

Becoming a New Clinical Instructor

In order to provide excellent clinical experiences for our students, we have the following guidelines for physiotherapists that are interested in supervising students for clinical placements:

  • Be licensed and in good standing with a recognized College of Physiotherapists
  • Agree to abide by McMaster University policies and procedures
  • Comply with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario Standards of Professional Practice, especially regarding Clinical Education

Once a physiotherapist has committed to take a student for a clinical placement, specific responsibilities and objectives related to that placement will be outlined prior to the start of the placement.

We encourage all prospective clinical instructors to review the MSC(PT) Clinical Education Manual, which will provide you with a general over of the MSc(PT) program and clinical education aspects.

Benefits for Clinical Instructors Supervising PT Students for Clinical Placements

  • Demonstrates your commitment to continuing education
  • Helps you keep current in your practice
  • Shows responsibility and commitment to the Physiotherapy profession
  • Facilitates recruitment of physiotherapists to your area of practice and facility
  • It is necessary to the provision of care of PT in the future
  • Allows you the opportunity to become a McMaster Professional Associate (PA)

McMaster Professional Associate Appointments

Professional Associate (PA) appointments are available to clinicians that volunteer approximately 150 hours of their time to the PT Program over a 3-year period. For clinical instructors, this equates to supervising at least 2 student placements every year for 3 years.

PA status can be indicated on curriculum vita / resumes and recorded in Professional Portfolios to demonstrate a commitment to education. It will also provide you with the opportunity to receive access to the McMaster library with which includes on-line capabilities for you to search the latest literature from your own computer.

Clinical instructors that would like to be appointed as a Professional Associate can contact the DCE, click here for more information.


Clinical Instructors are eligible to receive an honorarium for supervising students on their clinical placements. In keeping with the McMaster philosophy of self-directed, life-long learning, allocation of this money will be to support preceptors’ professional development.

Clinical Instructors are allocated $50/week per student (e.g. if a preceptor supervises 1 student for a 6 week placement they are entitled to $300). Instructors will receive an annual payment before December 31st each year. This will include the sum of any placements which occurred before September 30th of the same year.

Clinical Instructors who have not previously received payment will be required to submit an Honorarium Information Form ‎. This form is also available by request from either the Clinical Education Assistant or Director of Clinical Education.

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