Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal-Manipulative Physiotherapy (OMPT) Specialization Field of Study in the MSc (Rehabilitation Science) Program

The MSc(RS) OMPT field of study develops a specialization standard in musculoskeletal-manipulative clinical practice through three required foundation courses, two Clinical Specialty courses and one Research Project over a 2-3 year timeline. The objective of this OMPT field of study is to advance scientific knowledge, clinical reasoning application, clinical and research skills development with a broad appreciation of the concepts of clinical measurement, and integrated evidence-based practice in OMPT practice. This specialization field of study is offered part-time and primarily online (with two on-site lab periods and one residency period).

Accredited by the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (CAMPT)

"Best of both worlds: Blended Learning Part-Time"

1) on-line and on-campus
2) musculoskeletal physiotherapy and pain science approach
3) clinical scientist

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June 27, 2020: Deadline for September Admission

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

The MSc Course-based option, area of specialization in OMPT, in Rehabilitation Sciences is offered on a part-time basis only.

To be eligible for entry into the MSc Course-based Program in the Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal-Manipulative Physical Therapy (OMPT) Area of Specialization Field of Study in Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University, applicants must have:
  • A four (4) year pass or honours or graduate-entry Master or professional doctorate degree in physiotherapy.
  • Completed three (3) years full-time relevant professional experience (or equivalent) with two (2) years in a specialty area.
  • Produced evidence of continuing professional education including Ortho Div Level II-III to apply but need Level III Exams, Intermediate Practical Exam, 90 mentorship hours from Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) Orthopaedic Division or equivalent prior to initiating the clinical course REHAB 715. Advanced standing for Orthopaedic Division Level IV/V are recognized. This is a CAMPT recognized program.
  • Met admission requirements to the MSc (RS) course-based option (listed above) or received permission from the Program Coordinator.

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Course Requirements and Descriptions

Course Requirements

The following are the course requirements of the MSc course-based option of the Rehabilitation Science Graduate Program, OMPT area of specialization. Students complete with at least a B- standing.

Required Courses: 

  • Three (3) foundation/mandatory courses (on-line, 3 units each)
    • REHAB 705 Evaluating Sources of Evidence
    • REHAB 706 Measurement in Rehabilitation
    • REHAB 708 Clinical Reasoning and Decision-Making
  • Two (2) OMPT Courses (on-line & on-site, 3 units each)
    • REHAB 703 Special Topics in Rehabilitation Science
      • Clinical Residency (90 hours)
      • Independent Study
    • REHAB 715 (6 unit) Advanced Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Specialization
      • Lab (14 days)
      • Teaching Mentorship (60 hours)
  • One (1) Research Project (6 units over 3 terms)
    • REHAB 735 Rehabilitation Research Project
  • SGS101# - Academic Research Integrity and Ethics (students must complete in first year)
  • SGS201# - Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (students must complete in first year)

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Sample Pathway for an OMPT Student

Sample Pathway for a Student in the OMPT Field of Study

Sample Pathway for OMPT Student

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Course Coordinators:

Anita GrossAnita Gross

Julie Richardson


Clinical Skills:

laurieLaurie McLaughlin

Kristin-LongKristin Long


Faculty Lecturers:

Jack Miller Judi-Hunter Tim Wideman (1) image
 Jack Miller  Judith Hunter  Tim Wideman  Bill Parkinson
Lisa Carlesso Pat Fonstad Sean Gibbins Beth Kroetsch
 Lisa Carlesso  Pat Fonstand   Sean Gibbons  Beth Kroetsch
Capture Elaine Maheu Sam Steinfeld Joy MacDermid
 LJ Lee Elaine Maheu  Sam Steinfeld Joy MacDermid 
Pat Miller Jordan Miller Ashley Smith
  Pat Miller Laurie Moffey Jordan Miller Ashley Smith
Geoff Schneider Kathryn Schneider greg Michael Westaway
 Geoff Schneider Karen Schneider Greg Spadoni Michael Westaway

Financial Information

Financial Information

All applicants are advised to apply for financial assistance from sources outside McMaster University.

Tuition Fees

Information on tuition fees can be obtained from the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Calendar or the McMaster Student Accounts and Cashier’s office.

Rehabilitation Science Course-based option tuition is located under "Graduate Special Program Fees". All students must pay supplementary fees each academic year. Please note that students who have medical and dental coverage may contact the Graduate Student Association (GSA) directly regarding how to opt-out of provided insurance.

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