SRS Spotlight: Cathy Hoyles, MHM Class of 2013

cathy-hoyles-photo-2Cathy Hoyles graduated from the Master of Health Management program in 2013. She chose the MHM program because it fit with her work schedule, had appropriate content and graduates can attempt the CHE designation if they choose to do so, through the Strategic Alliance with CCHL. The designation and the ease with which you can obtain it associated with the MHM program is a tremendous opportunity and a value added feature of the MHM program.

Cathy really enjoyed the program, the relevant material and the experienced and knowledgeable facilitators. The residency was a rich learning experience and she appreciated the opportunity to network with classmates. Cathy also enjoyed the scholarly paper which was an excellent opportunity to apply learning and think deeply.

She found benefits of the distance learning program were the opportunity to complete her degree while working as well as the diversity of participants because the class consists of people from many provinces.

When asked how the MHM program helped her reach her career goals, Cathy said “The MHM program has given me enhanced skills and a deeper capacity to think critically about complex issues; I believe my performance has been enhanced as a result of completing this degree. The program has allowed me to be seen in my organization as someone with a broader skill set compared to my professional background alone”.

When asked what advice she would give future MHM students she said, “Embrace the opportunity fully, there is as much to learn as you want to learn. Also, manage yourself in such a way as to create room for this and gather your supports to make this happen”.

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