SRS Spotlight: Lindsay Blackman, MSc(OT) Class of 2014

538-lindsay blackman-2014Occupational Therapy (OT) program graduate Lindsay Blackman found the McMaster University’s OT program an excellent complement to her passion for promoting opportunities for people with disabilities and marginalized groups, and her desire to challenge the status quo.  "The program allowed me to drive forward with my passion,” said Blackman, 24, who also holds a degree in labour studies from McMaster.  She found similarities between her studies in the two programs. “Both programs speak to advocacy and allowing individuals access to needed tools and knowledge that will allow them to move forward in their life in a meaningful way. Both programs speak to the individual and environmental influences that impact day to day life,” she said. While searching for graduate programs across multiple universities to determine the program most compatible with her interests and learning style, she discovered McMaster’s OT program grounded in self-directed/problem-based learning.“I really felt I knew that this was the place for me,” she said. “After discovering this program, I further read into the role of an occupational therapist, talked to one of my friends who is an OT in mental health, and realized quickly that the program, and a career in OT, was a great fit for me.”

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