SRS Spotlight: Mark Welsh, MSc(PT) Class of 2015


Mark Welsh is a recent graduate of the Physiotherapy program at McMaster in 2015, working in orthopaedic and sport physiotherapy upon graduation. He attributes his success to his many classmates and friends who helped make the program such a life-changing experience.

Mark graduated from Queen’s University in 2012 with a degree in biomechanical engineering. He chose the PT program at McMaster because he wanted to add new clinical skills to the list of technical skills gained through his engineering work. McMaster was a school he had heard great reviews about, and seemed like a good fit that was fairly close to home.  The PT program “has been exceptional in challenging the manner that I approach problems – it has forced me to look at the PT profession from a new perspective, and it has certainly promoted ongoing learning. In many ways I have gained more from this program than I ever would have expected”, says Mark.

The self-directed learning has allowed him to enter practice fully confident in his ability to keep up with current research and understand how to identify the key messages in any piece of literature. Even more importantly, “if I am exposed to an unfamiliar health condition, or am unable to adequately respond to a patient query, I know exactly where to find the information I need, and I can do this independently”, says Mark.

Mark enjoyed living in Hamilton for his two years at school, and came to appreciate the exceptional area it is to live. He comments that he enjoyed the unique coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants in the downtown area and the neighbourhoods surrounding Mac campus are full of great bike paths and hiking trails. Overall, Hamilton is a fantastic place to explore if you are a student.

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