SRS Spotlight: Meghan Barker, MSc(PT) Class of 2015

Currently a second year student in McMaster`s Physiotherapy (PT) Meghan Barkerprogram and PT Student Council President, Meghan received her first degree in Kinesiology from Western University, which she used to work as a Physiotherapy Assistant for two years before entering the PT program at McMaster.

As Meghan started her search for a PT program that would help her achieve her goal of becoming a Physiotherapist, she discovered McMaster’s program, which is based on the principles of problem-based, small group, and self-directed learning. "I believed that this learning style would suit me well, and ultimately make me a better physiotherapist in the long run,” she said. Right from the beginning, Meghan was impressed by the level of attention that was given to her as a potential student. "McMaster was the only school to hold a face-to-face interview with applicants. I felt like the school wanted to know me as a person rather than a grade point average.” The personal connections that Meghan was making didn’t stop at the application stage.

Once Meghan was accepted and began her studies, she noticed that there was a large sense of comradery between the students and the students and faculty. "I know that I have made life-long friendships from this program, and I know that in my future practice I can always rely on the support of the people I have met through this program.”

As Meghan is nearing the end of the program, she feels ready to start a career in neurological rehabilitation after graduation. She credits the clinical education experiences the program has offered for the hands-on learning. "I feel that all of my placements have made me a well-rounded future physiotherapist. I have had the great pleasure of being able to work with amazing physiotherapists and their colleagues, each of which have shaped the way that I want to practice in the near future."

Written by: Taylor Boer | Hamilton, ON | July 2015

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