SRS Spotlight: Quinn Klassen, MSc(OT), Class of 2012

Quinn-Klassen-cropped-e1530644293567.jpgQuinn Klassen, a graduate of the Occupational Therapy program at McMaster in 2012, is putting her skills to work on an Acute Medicine floor at Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington, Ontario. Already familiar with McMaster during her undergraduate training in Kinesiology, which fostered her interest in the healthcare field, the intensity of clinical training and opportunities for exposure to unique role-emerging placements set McMaster apart from other Canadian programs. A placement in Thunder Bay imparted front line knowledge regarding the diverse challenges that come with providing healthcare in a rural setting, which has influenced her perspective on systemic issues in healthcare.

The problem-based and self-directed learning styles practiced in the program have informed her clinical methods and allowed her to foster a collaborative environment with the other OTs and allied health professionals she works with every day, some of which are continuing relationships built during a clinical placement. The critical thinking skills developed in problem-based tutorials (PBT) were important to early success as a therapist, as Quinn notes, “When I first started working I felt like every new client was a new PBT problem. The process of gathering information, thinking through the options and deciding on a plan is an important skill to have as a clinician.”

Quinn has remained engaged in the OT program as a preceptor, supervising students on clinical placements and marvelling at the degree of learning that takes place in such a short time. Quinn is happy to call Hamilton home since moving here for her post-secondary studies and the School is happy to count her among our many local alumni.

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