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Jocelyn is an Associate Professor in the school of rehabilitation sciences and teaches in the MSc (OT) program. She graduated from the McMaster OT program in 1995 and has a Masters and PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of British Columbia with a focus on stroke recovery. Jocelyn completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute specializing in traumatic brain injury.

Jocelyn’s clinical interests have varied over the course of her career having included mental health, geriatrics, and vocational rehabilitation. Over the past 10 years her professional and research career has involved working with adults with neurological conditions in inpatient rehabilitation. She is interested in clinically driven research and promoting research in occupational therapy practice.

Research Expertise

Keywords: stroke, traumatic brain injury, , care of critically ill adults, gender

Jocelyn is particularly interested in developing treatment interventions that will maintain and promote recovery for individuals after stroke and traumatic brain injury. She is interested in sensori-motor recovery post stroke and the development of interventions that utilize motor learning and task-oriented practice. Current research focuses on return to driving intervention, measurement of upper limb performance, and motivation to engage in rehabilitation in neurological populations. Developing and exploring the role of occupational therapy in caring for critically ill adults and examining gender based differences in recovery from neurological conditions is a growing research area. .

Teaching Interests

Jocelyn teaches topic areas of neuro-rehabilitation across the curriculum. She is interested in evolving teaching methods within problem based learning and tutorials. In the OT program she teaches mainly in the Professional Reasoning and Skills courses as well as Problem Based Tutorials.

Graduate Students

Dr. Harris will not be taking Graduate Students at this time.

Recent Publications

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Journal Articles

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