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Lorie Shimmell

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Professor Shimmell, MSc, is an occupational therapist and an  Associate Professor in the School of Rehabilitation Science.  She is the Director of Clinical Education for the MScOT Program.  Professor Shimmell graduated with a bachelor degree in occupational therapy in 1986 and a master degree in rehabilitation science in 2007, both at McMaster University.

Current teaching responsibilities include university- and placement-based clinical education courses, throughout all terms of the curriculum.

Professor Shimmell's clinical background is in community based occupational therapy in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec, with particular interest in pediatric populations in school health and palliative services.  She has also focused on direct and consultation service in mental health, including correctional systems.  Professor Shimmell is also currently a member of the MAC H2OPE Clinic Executive Council.

Research Expertise

Keywords: clinical education, global education, reflective experiential education

Professor Shimmell's research interests and involvement are centered in educational research including reflective journaling in the development of OT competencies, preparation with student occupational therapists for international placement experiences, student and faculty resilience, and capacity building in clinical education.

Teaching Interests

Professor Shimmell focuses on clinical education in her teaching roles, helping students build a foundation for competent, reflective practice in occupational therapy.  Community engagement and innovative practice development are high priorities in which she and students work to expand learning, competence, and professional paths.

Graduate Students

Prof. Shimmell is not currently accepting graduate students.

Recent Publications

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Journal Articles

Sharmin R, Jung B, Shimmell L, Solomon P. Benefits and challenges of role-emerging placements of student occupational therapists in HIV service organisations. Int J Ther Rehabil. 2016;23(12):574-82.

Shimmell L, Al-Helo H, Demille K, Kandel-Lieberman D, Kremenovic M, Roorda K, et al. Targeting the globe: internationalisation in occupational therapy education. WFOT Bulletin. 2016;72(1):16-23.

Jung B, Shimmell L, Stewart D, Gatti L, Venasse K, Plaisant L, Ledgerd R, and Baptiste S. (2015). Competency-based education: A survey study of international occupational therapy educational programmes. WFOT Bulletin, 71(1), 53-58.

Freeman M, Stewart D, Shimmell L, Missiuna C, Burke-Gaffney J, Jaffer S, & Law M. (2015). Development and evaluation of The KIT: Keeping It Together for Youth (the 'Youth KIT') to assist youth with disabilities in managing information. Child Care Health Dev, 41(2), 222-229.

Shimmell LJ, Gorter JW, Jackson D, Wright M, & Galuppi B. (2013). “It's the Participation that Motivates Him”: Physical activity experiences of youth with cerebral palsy and their parents. Phys Occup Ther Pediatr, 33(4), 405-420.

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