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Dr. Moll is an Occupational Therapist and Associate Professor in the School of Rehabilitation Science.  Her clinical and research expertise is in the area of mental health, building on over a decade of frontline clinical work and many years of applied research in a range of community mental health settings.  Dr. Moll completed her Research Masters degree in OT at Western University in 1993, and her PhD in critical social theory and public health at the University of Toronto in 2010.  Her primary program of research currently focuses on workplace mental health, including young workers, students, healthcare providers and first responders.  She is interested in e-mental health initiatives, participatory methods, education and counselling interventions, and advocacy for mental health policy change.

Research Expertise

Keywords: qualitative methods, workplace mental health, health promotion

Dr. Moll's research interests relate to mental health/mental illness, along the continuum from mental health promotion to illness intervention and promoting recovery.  My primary program of research focuses on workplace mental health, including building mental wellness, promoting mental health literacy, and reducing stigma in the context of work.  Recent projects include: a) Beyond Silence - a series of workplace training initiatives and a new mobile app for healthcare workers; b) Young Workers - a series of applied projects focusing on understanding and supporting the mental health of new or young workers; and c) Do Live Well - an occupation-based approach to health promotion. Other areas of interest include promoting student mental health and evaluating clinical interventions.  Although she has experience with a range of research methods, from randomized clinical trials to survey research, her primary methodological expertise is in qualitative, participatory research.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Moll's teaching is primarily in Year 2 of the Occupational Therapy program, including Inquiry and PBT courses, as well as teaching an advanced qualitative analysis course to graduate students in Rehabilitation Science and Health Research Methods.  She is also the Interprofessional Education Lead for the Occupational Therapy program.

Graduate Students

Dr. Moll is currently accepting 1-2 graduate students (MSc. or PhD).  Interested students should send a CV and research interests to

Lab/Research Institute

See the following websites for more information about current projects: or Twitter: @DoLiveWell1 #DoLiveWell

Recent Publications

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